Steve George-Hilley celebrates Colloquium first anniversary

Steve George-Hilley celebrates Colloquium think tank first anniversary.

The Chairman of the Colloquium think tank, Steve George-Hilley has thanked supporters for backing the organisation and called for further expansion in 2017.

Colloquium was founded in October 2016 as an alternative think tank providing insights and analysis on key police areas such as science, technology and the digital economy. Since its foundation, the group has successfully produced a number of opinion articles arguing for smarter use of technology in the public sector alongside a commitment to reform through digital transformation.

steven george-hilley

Welcoming Colloquium’s first anniversary, Chairman Steve George-Hilley said, “We founded Colloquium to set the agenda on the increasing role of technology in the public sector and the growing digital economy. Our organisation is already championing innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and smart industries which we believe will change the face of the UK.”

In the first year since its foundation, Colloquium has secured press coverage in many leading national publications including City AM and The Sun.

Colloquium’s new focus for 2017 will explore two growing technology trends which are:

Smart Manufacturing: The rise of connected manufacturing outlets which utilise Big Data technologies to improve the production process. Described by many as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Global Manufacturing Magazine describes it as “History tells us that this will impact manufacturing significantly and in many different ways including supply chains, consumer demand and labour. We have come a long way from steam power and mass production which drove the first and second Industrial Revolutions. The fourth Industrial Revolution is defined by data; big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are at the heart of the movement: however, the key is how this data is interpreted and applied to optimise manufacturing overall.”

Big Data Technologies: The use of growing volumes of data to harvest and analyse information and make better decisions. The technology is particularly useful when tracking customer satisfaction and interactions of the sales process.

The Financial Times describes it as “Knowing your customer will never be a zero-sum contest between a researcher with a clipboard and IBM’s Watson. Nor should it be.

“The best insights come from some hard-to-define blend of what you know from listening to individual users, what you can learn from their collective past behaviour and what you intuit they will want in future. The really flawed assumption is that a capsule of data inserted into the analytics machine will always generate the perfect brew.”

TV steven george-hilley.PNG

Steve George-Hilley interviewed by Arte.TV in January 2016 about the Vote Leave EU campaign

Supporting Steve George-Hilley in his role of Chairman is Tim Focas, Colloqium’s Director of Financial Services. Focas publishes his analysis of the economy and political opinions in leading publication City AM where he has a column.

The organisation has already identified several new key areas for research in the New Year which include Artificial Intelligence, the Digital Skills Crisis and Technology Transformation.

“We hope to make 2017 a game-changing year for Colloquium,” says Steve George-Hilley.


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