Clare George-Hilley, Director of Communities and Development

clare george-hilley
Director of Communities and Development – Clare George-Hilley

Clare George-Hilley is a former Conservative Councillor in the London Borough of Croydon and serves as a director at Colloquium overseeing the communities and international development portfolio.

Clare has taken part in several national media interviews with the national press including  The GuardianThe Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Express.

Clare has been a member of the Conservative Party for over sixteen years. She went on the found Conservative Future Women with Home Secretary Theresa May. She was also the founding member of London Conservative Future.

She is passionate about helping others and served as a governor for seven years and volunteered several times as a mentor for  various local charities. Clare  supports The Glove Project in The Gambia and has volunteered with Street Child in Sierra Leone as well as working for the Africa Accelerate Project.

Previously in 2007 Clare was a contestant on BBC One programme Castaway.

Clare on Twitter @ClareHilley

Authored reports

clare george-hilley christian
Report into hate crimes against christians

Christian Hate Crimes in Britain – Report

Records collected by police forces reveal a litany of attacks on priests and church ministers and give a rare glimpse of the everyday risks taken by Britain’s clergy.

The crimes, detailed in lists disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act, range from scores of low-level assaults, recorded almost routinely, to cases of clergy being stalked by obsessives, beaten in their own churches or bitten by dogs and even, on occasion, humans.

Responses from 25 police forces in England list around 200 attacks on clergy over the past five years.

But because of the way crimes are recorded they give only a snapshot of the threats and violence clergy face and could represent just the tip of an iceberg.

They were collated by the social think-tank Parliament Street in an attempt to highlight the often unseen sacrifice of Christian leaders.

It is calling for the Government to consider recognising attack on members of the clergy as a religiously motivated hate crime, potentially carrying more severe penalties.

Full report Published in 2014 ©


Clare george-hilley bbc
BBC theft report

Licence Fees and BBC office theft – Report

More than 600 laptops and 83 iPads belonging to the BBC and its staff have been stolen over a five-year period.

The new figures come after staff complained of an increase in thefts at New Broadcasting House, the BBC’s corporate headquarters in central London.

The BBC said 624 laptops were stolen between 2010 and 2014, along with 109 mobile phones, 98 cameras and 83 iPads.

The most unusual theft was two fire extinguishers, taken in 2011. Over the same five-year period, 34 desktop computers were also stolen, along with seven e-readers and four kettles.

The figures were obtained after a Freedom of Information request by Parliament Street, which describes itself as a “right of centre” think tank.

Parliament Street director Clare said: “These findings show that the BBC must do more to prevent theft and losses at every level of the organisation, taxpayers should not have to pick up the bill for sloppy management of expensive equipment.

Full report Published in 2015 ©