Tim Focas, Director of Financial Services and the City of London

Tim Focas
Director of Financial Services – Tim Focas

Tim Focas, Director of Financial Services and the City of London

Tim Focas is a columnist for City AM and has appeared in the Independent providing expert analysis to a wide range of financial institutions. Over the past decade, Tim has cemented a reputation for creating and implementing innovative and strategic publicity campaigns that lead to strong business outcomes for prime brokerage, fund management and exchange focused firms.

Currently plying his trade as an Account Director at Aspectus, Tim developed a campaign promoting the unspoken benefits of dark trading for one of his clients earlier this year. The campaign won the 2015 SABRE PR industry award for the creation of persuasive content – the second accolade of Tim’s career to date.

A self-confessed “libertarian at heart”, Tim has also written for The Commentator – challenging the government’s approach to deficit reduction and defending the role of the City against often unfair criticism from the political class.

He is also an active tweeter and can be followed @timfocas66.