International Women’s Day: We can Brexit

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International Women’s Day is an important celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women all around the world. It’s also an event that marks independence and strength, recognising the many challenges women have overcome.

This morning I witnessed another example of women coming together in a shared cause at the launch of the Women for Britain in Westminster. There were so many inspirational speakers, from business owners to politicians, all in support of voting to leave the European Union (EU).

Emma Pullen, CEO of The British Hovercraft Company spoke in detail about how she exported to emerging markets as the EU is too costly and bureaucratic to deal with.

The audience was really impressed with Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP who spoke in detail about how leaving the European Union would give our country a brighter future.

Employment Minister Priti Patel MP spoke eloquently about the role of women throughout the centuries and stated that the upcoming referendum was a crucial point in our country’s history where women will decide the outcome.

After hearing this morning’s speeches, it reminded me that the battle for Britain’s future independence is in many ways similar to the barriers and opposition shown to women throughout the ages.

The EU isn’t listening, it isn’t learning and it isn’t giving Britain the voice it deserves.

The EU costs us hundreds of millions of pounds every week, draining money which could be used for better healthcare in the NHS, improving our schools and scientific research as well as training.

The EU’s ludicrous entangled tariffs and regulation also mean that our businesses lose money and fall behind at the very time when they should be reaching out to emerging markets in the global economy.

So for all women who are up for a fight and want to see a stronger, prouder and better Britain, it’s time to get on board with the Vote Leave campaign, sign-up to Women for Britain and make our country greater still.

Clare George-Hilley is Associate Editor at The Commentator, a Vote Leave activist and Director at think tank Colloquium.  @ClareHilley

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