Colloquium’s 2017 Brexit Predictions

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city-of-londonColloquium’s director of financial services Tim Focas has officially announced the think tank’s 2017 predictions for the financial services industry, following the Brexit vote.

In an interview in a leading magazine FTSE Global Markets, Focas said, “From endless trade disputes to long drawn out speeches from unelected bureaucrats clinging desperately to power — there are some stark similarities between the Star Wars saga and the EU. Even as Disney’s latest instalment cleans up at the box office, UK premier Theresa May has her own cabinet rogues to keep under control.”

He continued, “Whether it is Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson making bewildering gaffes on human rights, Trade minister Dr Liam Fox lamenting business executives for playing golf, or Brexit minister David Davis quashing hopes of a Brexit transition deal for the City, the prime minister can ill afford any further blunders in 2017.”

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