Game of unknowns: why Gove’s attacks on corporatism are the last thing the economy needs

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An establishment outcast with a skill for political maneuver – there is an unnerving parallel between Michael Gove and Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones.

And with the blood barely dry from his bludgeoning of Boris, the wannabe PM has wasted little time pin pointing his next line of attack, none other than the world of big business.

More specifically, Gove has honed in on fat cat executives working for the big corporates, who he says pay themselves “Steve Jobs money when performing like David Brent.”

And he is not the only one, fellow leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom launched her own assault yesterday, stating that “boardroom pay rises bearing no resemblance to company performance is unacceptable.”

While corporatism is certainly something that needs to be addressed, politically, one has to question the timing of these comments.

Read the full article from Colloquium director Tim Focas in City AM.

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