Tim Focas

Autumn Statement: Colloquium’s call

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Leading digital think tank Colloquium has issued its call to action ahead of the 2016 Autumn Statement.

Tim Focas, the director of Financial Services told City AM “We know he is not one for Osborne-style soundbites, and if his October speech at Tory conference is anything to go by, he should keep the Ed Balls gags to himself! He is, admittedly going on very little so far, a man with an “eye for the detail” and a “safe pair of hands” that fits perfectly into May’s non-Cameron style of government.”

Focas continued, “However, there is a sense that the Autumn Statement will do little, if anything, to tell us whether Hammond is the right man to address the bigger picture economic challenges that lie ahead.”

“What the financial services industry craves is certainty, and this can only come from a chancellor that is willing to provide more direct indicators that the UK will not accept anything other than unfettered access to the common market and cross-border transactions. After all, anything less than an agreement along these lines would hit market confidence and growth across Europe, not the UK,” concluded Focas.

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