Steven George-Hilley interview with Arte.TV

Steven George-Hilley interviewed by Arte.TV in London about the upcoming Vote Leave campaign

The Vote Leave Campaign begins with Colloquium founder Steven George-Hilley conducting an interview with a leading European news programme at a grassroots rally in London

Colloquium’s founder has been interviewed by Art.TV, the leading European news channel broadcast in France and Germany. The interview was conducted as part of the Vote Leave campaign designed to encourage voters to leave the European Union.

The channel has already covered extensive news stories around the European Referendum debate which has caused deep divisions within the Conservative Party and the cabinet.

Speaking to the reporter Steven said “Our app developers, fintech experts, digital gurus and software innovators are re-defining Britain as a hive of tech expertise. These companies are also opening new job opportunities in the creative industries for the next generation of school leavers offering apprenticeships and routes to lucrative careers in Tech City.

Steven George-Hilley

Activists campaign for Vote Leave

“But many of our upcoming business-success stories are small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which are hampered by regulation and red tape. This administrative burden comes from a complex regulatory framework, created and enforced by the European Union (EU)”, he said.

The interviewer asked for his thoughts on the European Union UK contribution, questioning whether such a policy was sustainable.

Steven said “Our country is being burdened with an eye-watering £12bn a year EU budget, just imagine how some of that hard-earned cash could be reallocated for supporting new companies and offering grants to those looking to start a business. We could also use this extra money to fund training in schools to encourage more young people to study science, mathematics and engineering at A-level to provide our future tech companies with home-grown talent.

The campaign will continue to highlight the challenges posed by the European Union’s over-billing of countries like Britain, with the money often wasted on European vanity projects.

“Our country has built a thriving technology industry in the face of strong opposition, scepticism and limited funding. If we can overcome this challenge then we can gain the courage to set Britain free from this bloated EU superstructure that strangles innovation and makes it harder to build a business,” George-Hilley concluded.

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