Clare George-Hilley live on Sky News

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Clare George-Hilley 3
Clare George-Hilley live on Sky News at Conservative Conference

Director of Colloquium has appeared live on Sky News for a detailed interview on policy announcements from Conservative Party conference in Birmingham’s ICC centre.

The interview was given against the backdrop of a challenging time for the Conservative Party, coming two years since it won the 2010 election.

Speaking to delegates, Prime Minister Cameron said, “Unless we act, unless we take difficult, painful decisions, unless we show determination and imagination, Britain may not be in the future what it has been in the past.”

During the Sky News interview, Clare was asked about the Conservative Party’s policies to working people. “The policies we’ve heard today around the freezing of council tax are a sign that the Conservative Party is on the side of working people, struggling to make ends meet,” she said.

The presenter presses further about the state of the Conservative Party and grassroots feeling amongst activists in Birmingham. Clare said, “The Conservative Party is the party of working people and our policies are designed to ensure those going out to work see that its worthwhile, that’s why the policy on Council Tax is so important.

Prime Minister David Cameron said, “And confidence that it’s worth investing – because the customers will be there, whether at home or abroad. Getting the deficit down is essential for both.

Clare George-Hilley
On the side of hardworking families

“That’s why our deficit reduction plan is not an alternative to a growth plan: it’s the very foundation of our growth plan. It’s the only way we’ll get Britain on the rise.

“Now I know you are asking whether the plan is working. And here’s the truth: the damage was worse than we thought, and it’s taking longer than we hoped.

“The world economy – especially in the Eurozone – has been much weaker than expected in the past two years. When some of our big trading partners like Ireland, Spain and Italy are suffering, they buy less from us. That hurts our growth and makes it harder to pay off our debts.”

Clare added, “The Conservatives remain the leading party of aspiration in British politics. Our policies will help people get into work and stand on their own two feet.”


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