Brexit Campaign: It’s the economy stupid

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its_the_economy_stupid_Less than 30 days to go, and Boris Johnson has been speeding around in a sports car to over engineer a “take back control” metaphor while Nigel has been doing his latest man of the people act outside a pie and mash Café in Essex. Photo opportunities can, of course, make or break any campaign – just asked Ed Miliband. But despite two questionable reports from the treasury and Osborne’s poor track record on deficit reduction, the polls clearly show remain winning the crucial economic argument.

It is not as if leave doesn’t have ammunition to fire. Many City bigwigs, including the CEO of CMC Markets and the co-founder of Marshall Wace, have added their considerable weight behind Brexit. One would think that with this sort of backing, Farage would put down his mug of builder’s tea and go back to his commodities brokerage roots for some snap shots.

Read the full article from Colloquium’s Tim Focas on City AM.

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